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A Collocated Webserver is ideal for a company wanting the security and flexibility of their own server without the additional cost and maintenance of a dedicated T1 connection. The Internet Hardlink Co can provide up to a full T1 (1.544 Mbs) connection with maintenance ensuring a stable environment for your company's Internet needs. A Collocated Webserver can be used as a web server, ftp server, mailhost, .... etc. This service also allows your company the ability to create an unlimited amount of Internet accounts. The disk space on the server is only limited by the size of the disk installed. You company can either supply its own server or we can configure one for you at an additional charge. Some of the features and advantages of using The Internet Hardlink Co are: If you have any other questions about or are interested in our services, please contact us

NOTE:If your company supplies The machine, it must not be wider then 19" and fit our Computer Rack. If the server is an INTEL based PC, the mouse/keyboard must support PS/2 connectors. A UNIX box will need a serial console port in order to attach a terminal.

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