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The Internet Hardlink Co is currently offering FREE Domain Registration to anyone and everyone. There are many companies who will charge you for this service, but not us. You are NOT required to purchase any services from us. We do hope, that you will decided to use us to host your new Domain. We charge only $25/month to host a Web site. We also offer many other services. Please check us out.

The ending of the Domain Name is known as a Top Level Domain or TLD.

The TLD's that are currently active and offered by Internic are:

.COM - Businesses or other commerical entities.
.NET - For enities that represent part of the Internet.
.EDU - Four-year, degree-granting colleges and univ.
.GOV - For agencies and branches of the US Federal Gov.
.MIL - For US military entities.
.ORG - Misc entities that do not find under other TLD's.

NOTE - Internic will charge you for the Domain Name itself. They have recently lowered their costs to $70 for the first two years and then only $35 for each year after that.

We are also registered to handle the newer TLD's such as:

.WEB - Activities related to the World Wide Web.
.FIRM - Businesses or Firms.
.SHOP - Businesses offering Goods to Purchase.
.ARTS - Cultral and Entertainment Activities.
.NOM - Individual or Personal Nomenclature.
.INFO - Information Services.
.REC - Recreational Activities.

NOTE - These Domains are not active yet. We are currently only Pre-Registering These TLD's. You will only be charged if your Domain Name is successfully registered when they become active. The cost of the Domain Name is $49.95/yr. This is not payable to us, but to the company that handles the new TLD's.

We have made the process of finding and registering for a domain name as simple as possible. We give you several ways to do it. Just choose the one that you want and then follow the steps.

If you have not done so, check and make sure that your Domain Name is still available.


If you get something that says "No Match for ..", the Domain is still available.

Ways to register your Domain Name

Using our DNS Numbers

The numbers for our DNS servers are:

Just use these two numbers when you submit your Application to Internic for a Domain Name. You can get a copy of the mail form. Just fill out this form and then email it to hostmaster@internic.net.

Using our Template

We have already filled out a copy of mail form that you just need to complete. Get it, complete the form and mail it to hostmaster@internic.net. Put the Domain Name in question in the subject line.

Using our Online Registration Form.

We have made it simple to register the .com, .edu, .net, .org, .firm, .web, .arts, .shop, .nom, .info, and .rec TLD's. Just go to our online registration form.

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