Archive Server

Commands are sent to the archive server by sending a message to the -request address of the list with the word 'archive' as the subject line. The archive server understands 5 basic commands.
These commands are:
get file <filenames>
Retrieve a file from the archive server.
ls directory <directorys>
List the contents of one of the archive servers directories.
egrep <case insensitive regular expression> <files>
Search the listed filenames for the regular expression, and return the filenames of the files that match.
maxfiles <number>
Do not send more than <number> files in this message.
Send me more helpful information on how to use this thing.

To create an archive server, add the files (or directories) you wish to add to the server to the ~slist/listname/archive directory. If the file contains a mail header starting with a 'Content-Type:' line, the file will be sent out as-is, otherwise it will be MIME-encapsulated before transmission, the recognised file types are listed in ~slist/.bin/mimencap.local.

To restrict access to the archive server, uncomment the "restrict_archive" line in rc.custom, this will allow only people on the accept and accept2 files to access the archive server.

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