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Dialup Software
This directory contains all the needed software for users to connect up to the The Internet Hardlink Co. It also contains our New Hardlink browser plugin.

Dialup Numbers
The list our current dialup numbers. We now have Access in 20+ states!

The main mail tool for shell users.

Shell primer
This is a list of some basic terms that shell users should know when using their account.

UNIX Commands
This is a quick list of basic UNIX shell commands.

These pages are tutorials for users who are not familiar with UNIX and shells. This is a good place to go for those users just getting started.

Register Web pages
A very good page on how to register and check your sites ranking on the major Search Engines. A must read for any serious webmaster.

Kali Game Server FAQ
This will explain how to use our Kali GameServer at out site. It is free to anyone.

IRC help & FAQs
This has information about our IRC servers and how to use eggdrops at this site.

RealAudio Server
Ever wanted to do stream audio/video accross the Internet? Well, now you can. We support and it is yours to use at no charge.

This has information about our news servers and how to configure your software to use it.

An easy way to index your website for searching. Installed and running at this site.

The HardCam!
If you ever wanted to know what Hardlink's machine room looked like, now is your chance! It was orginally setup as a proof of concept (aka bet!), but we decided to make it available to everyone. Be warned, it does crash now and then.

Smartlist FAQ
A nice Introduction on how to use our Mailing List software that we use here.

Account Suspension
This page will explain what may cause an account to be suspended and how to reactivated it.

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